Innovators West BB Ford Belt Drive / Motor Plate



This belt drive features a billet machined aluminum cover, anodized precision machined pulleys and a top quality Goodyear belt. This model is designed for use with a Motor Plate and uses Big Block Chevy Motor Mount Pads.

  • Billet aluminum machined timing cover.
  • BBC motor plate mounting pads
  • Precision machined pulleys.
  • Adjustable idler pulley eccentric for proper belt tension.
  • O-ring machined water ports.
  • 2 pc upper pulley featuring externally adjustable cam timing +/- 10 degrees.
  • Grade 8 mounting hardware included.
  • Optional High Vacuum Seals available.
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Product Description

The hallmarks of a competent belt-drive assembly are to generate less friction; effectively dampen adverse harmonics before they reach the valve train; maintain precise valve timing, particularly at high engine speeds; and demonstrate convenience in valve timing adjustments.

The Innovators West new belt drive assembly distinguishes itself by not only accomplishing these familiar requirements but also makes it available in two indispensable forms: one style is equipped with integral side brackets for serious track use, the other without.

The side brackets are regarded as unique. Provided with big-block Chevrolet hole spacing, they accommodate motor plates, power steering pump, alternator, crank trigger as well as external oil pump or a vacuum pump or a belt-driven fuel pump, often a requirement for turbo or blower engines. External competition pumps are customarily mounted on the 1/4in thick aluminum engine mounting plate, but this is rarely satisfactory as the plate is apt to deflect, resulting in imperfect belt alignment.

An adjustable drive belt idler is included to allow for precise adjustment of drive belt tension. This is very important when taking into consideration the production tolerances of new belts and the re-tensioning of used belts.

The crankshaft pulley is made from heat-treated steel and the cam pulley hard-anodized billet aluminum. For concentricity, both pulleys are machined in one operation in a multi-axis lathe.

Also, a cam retaining plate is provided with two encased roller bearings—one operates between camshaft and plate, the other between cam pulley and plate. Optional high-vacuum seals, alloy steel drive hub, and camshaft drive adapter are available.