Kaase’s Top Five: Jon Kaase talks engines

By Archie Bosman, September 18, 2012
Photos by Moore Good Ink:

00-0052Jon Kaase’s standing was propelled to the forefront of his craft by winning the annual Engine Masters Challenge four times: 2003, ’04, ’08, and 09.

But his reputation as an innovative engine builder had already been established over previous decades. Starting his career with the acclaimed Dyno Don Nicholson in 1977, Kaase was instrumental in winning the NHRA Pro Stock championship of that year. In later years he built engines for over a dozen IHRA Pro Stock championship winners.

Today Kaase and his team continue to devote their time to building race engines and hot rod engines for all classes, including those with power-adders.

In the following paragraphs Jon Kaase provides some insight into his top five power-plants. From his high performance small-block P-38 Windsor engines to Mountain Motor Pro Stock racing units here are some of his comments:

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